• Agatenew: A Network-on-Chip power-gating simulator (download link)
  • ThermTap v1.00new: An Online Power Analyzer and Thermal Simulator for Android Devices (more info)
  • Therminator v1.01: Thermal Simulator for Portable Devices (more info)
  • Quantum CAD Tools
    • Squash v2.00new: A Hierarchical Scalable Quantum Mapper Considering Ancilla Sharing (more info)
    • LEQA v1.00: Latency Estimator for Quantum Algorithms (more info)
    • QUFD v1.00: Quantum Universal Logic Block (ULB) Factory Designer (more info)
    • QSPR v1.00: Quantum Scheduler, Placer, and Router (more info)
  • PCACTI (beta)
  • Cell libraries and device models (beta):
    • 5nm FinFET cell libraries
    • 7nm FinFET device model
    • 7nm FinFET cell libraries
    • 14nm CMOS device model
    • 14nm CMOS cell libraries
    • 16nm CMOS PTM cell libraries
    • 10nm GAA device model
  • SIMES v0.3: A Simulator For Hybrid Electrical Energy Storage Systems

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