NSF Workshop on Cross-Layer Power Optimization and Management


There is a great need to explore holistic power optimization and management solutions that span various layers of the design stack and exploit cross-layer optimization opportunities. A number of issues stand out as being particularly critical challenges: (i) statistical variability and/or uncertainty about the workloads, circuit parameters, and operating environment of a target system, (ii) lack of standard interfaces that enable bi-directional information flow across different layers of the design stack and cross-layer optimization solutions, (iii) a formal framework to capture and explicitly present power, latency, bandwidth, reliability tradeoffs to the designers, and (iv) standard benchmarks and evaluation techniques to enable realistic evaluation of proposed approaches and uniform comparison between approaches.

This workshop provides a forum to discuss methods and means by which across-layered approaches to power optimization and management can be developed and adopted by the research community at large. We expect that the workshop will recommend to the NSF and other government agencies how to start an aggressive funding program to close the gaps identified with respect to the development of CPOM techniques and tools, which are critical to enabling future many-core (CMP) processors and SoCs for embedded, high-performance computing, and cloud applications. It will also inform the broader community about emerging research directions that can lead to a new breed CPOM design flows and tools. All of the presentation slides, posters, and videos of the talks for the workshop will be made available on-line. In addition, a detailed report will also be prepared and disseminated to the public.

Workshop Dates

February 10-11, 2012

Workshop Location

USC Davidson Conference Center
Club Room AB
      3415 S. Figueroa St.
      Los Angeles, California 90089
Phone: +1-213-740-5959

Workshop Hotel

The Westin Bonaventure Hotel & Suites, Los Angeles
      404 South Figueroa Street
      Los Angeles, California 90071
Phone: +1-213-624-1000


Massoud Pedram, USC

CPOM Workshop Chair


David Brooks, Harvard

CPOM Workshop Co-chair


Timothy Pinkston, USC

CPOM Workshop Co-chair

NSF Sponsors

Sankar Basu

Program Director, NSF CISE/CCF


Ahmed Louri

Program Director, NSF CISE/CCF


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